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Industry Partners

We have over 70 reputable industry partners that have entered into partnership with JKConnections Pty Ltd


We provide industry consultation sessions organized by our organization and our man industry partners to ensure that all the resources that you are using within your RTO are current, and relevant in the hospitality industry.


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    “It is rare to find an organisation so professional in this industry. JK Connections was one of the most knowledgeable audit consultant I have ever had the pleasure to deal with.”
    Julia Jones
    Interface Designer — Yoke
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    “It was comforting to work with an organisation that conducted an internal audit of our RTO operations.”
    Lucas Nguyen
    Freelance Designer
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    “I would highly recommend 360RTO. I first used 360RTO when going through ASQA rectification.They encouraged my input throughout and nothing was too much trouble.”
    Rob Vasquez
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is Work Placement important?

    Placements give students the opportunity to gain skills specific to their subject or industry of choice as well as the employability skills required for real-life work. It also increases their knowledge of an industry or sector, allowing them to make better informed decisions about future career choices. And as this is an accredited unit it needs to be completed as part of your Certificate.

  • How long does the Certificate III (SITHCC020) work placement take?

    It is your responsibility to complete the Work Placement, we allocate 10 weeks for completion. A re-enrolment fee may occur if you do not complete on final due date.

  • How long does the Certificate IV (SITHKOP005) work placement take?

    It is your responsibility to complete the Work Placement, we allocate 3 weeks for completion. A re-enrolment fee may occur if you do not complete on final due date.

  • How do I know if my workplace is eligible?

    Your workplace need to have all the required equipment to meet the Assessment Conditions found on training.gov.au. Your Work Placement Coordinator will visit your workplace to ensure its eligibility. Please check Work Placement Requirements for the units in the next section and click on link below to find the equipment list:

    • SITHCC020:
    • SITHKOP005:
  • What are the main requirements of SITHCC020 placement?

    This unit applies to individuals who work under the guidance of more senior chefs. You are required to:

    • Safely and hygienically prepare, cook and present menu items for a minimum of 48 complete food service periods that cover: breakfast, dinner lunch and special function
    • prepare, cook and present items for at least three of the following different menu styles: à la carte, set menu, table d’hôte, buffet and cyclical
  • What are the main requirements of SITKOP005 placement?

    This unit requires you to supervise food production processes and monitor and report on the quality of kitchen outputs for a minimum of twelve complete service periods (shifts) including: development of kitchen workflow schedule, mise en place lists, calculating and ordering food supplies for at least four of the types of food service styles, food preparation lists and coordinate cooking operations within commercial time constraints for food production processes, which must include at least two of the following categories:

    • Bulk cooking
    • Cook chill for extended life
    • Cook chill for five day shelf life
    • Cook freeze
    • Fresh cook
  • What type of job will I be doing in my placement?

    It depends on the placement unit you are completing and your ability to show interest in your team. The Head Chef will then decide if you are able to complete other operational tasks in the kitchen.

  • Do I need to work as a Kitchen Hand or Dishwasher in my placement?

    No, you will be placed in the workplace to fulfill the requirements of your placement unit. You may however be asked to do food preparation and clean your designated workstation as this is also considered as a daily chef duties.

  • What type of job position could I obtain after my placement completion?

    This will depend on your professionalism, commitment and ability to perform the tasks that you have learned throughout your placement. Some workplaces may also offer paid employment to our students. You are expected to be at a Chef de Partie level after completion of Certificate III work placement and at a supervisory level (sous-chef, head-chef) after completion of Certificate IV work placement. This will again depend on your ability to work efficiently in those roles.

  • Can you help me find a workplace?

    Yes we can, we have over 70 industry partners all around Victoria that are working exclusively with us. However it is your responsibility to ensure that you attend your allocated shift and that you show respect and professionalism at all times. Please contact us at info@jkconnections.com.au if you wish for us to find you a workplace.

  • What documents are required from my Host Employer after Work Placement completion?

    Finalise the logbook and get all the required pages signed by your supervisor or Head Chef. Evidence of your placement will need to be provided, please see the list below:

    • Photos:
      • 1. Yourself working in different sections
      • 2. Dishes that you have created during your placement
      • 3. Provide the menu list
    • Videos:
      • 1 minute video (2 needs to be provided) with a clear view of yourself working in the kitchen.
  • What is the process to terminate a workplace agreement?

    You will need to write a formal email to julie@jkconnections.com.au and explain in detail why you wish to terminate your agreement. JK Connections will then get in touch with the Host Employer and decide on the final outcome. The Host Employer may also choose to terminate your agreement if you fail to show dedication, commitment, professionalism or if they do not have enough work to give you. Should this happen, you will be notified by us via email.

  • How does the volunteer Work Placement schedule work?

    It will depend on your availability, we have based your Work Placement completion to be finalised within 10 weeks or 3 weeks (depending on the units you are completing) at an average of 16-20 hours a week as per your visa requirements.

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